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Brucellosis is a zoonotic infection characterized by multiple organ pathologies and a tendency to become chronic. A significant pathogenetic component of brucellosis is allergic reactivity. Brucellosis is classified according to the nature of Albuterol online, distinguishing between acute (up to one and a half months), subacute (no more than four months), chronic (more than four months) and residual (long-term effects) forms.

Brucellosis is caused by immobile polymorphic Gram-negative bacteria of the genus Brucella. The type of Brucella that causes the infection affects the severity of the course, the most severe is brucellosis due to infection with Brucella melitensis. Brucella are highly invasive, multiply inside the cells of the host organism, but are able to remain active outside the cell. They are stable in the environment, stored in water for more than two months, three months in raw meat (30 days in salted meat), about two months in cheese and up to four months in animal hair. fatal to brucellus boiling, heating to 60 ° C kills them after 30 minutes.

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  • Transmission of the infection is carried out mainly by the fecal-oral mechanism, most often by food and water, in some cases it is possible to implement contact-household (with the introduction of the pathogen through microtraumas of the skin and mucous membranes) and aerogenic (by inhalation of infected dust) ways.
  • Buy ventolin pills of brucellosis is animals, the source of infection for humans is mainly goats, sheep, cows and pigs. In some cases, transmission from horses, camels, and some other animals is possible. The isolation of the pathogen by sick animals occurs with feces (feces, urine), milk, amniotic fluid. A significant epidemiological danger is represented by milk obtained from sick animals and dairy products (feta cheese, koumiss, cheeses), meat, products from animal raw materials (wool, leather). Animals pollute the soil, water, food with their feces, which can also contribute to human infection by non-food means. Contact-household and air-dust paths are implemented when caring for animals and processing animal raw materials.
  • With brucellosis in pregnant women, there is a possibility of intrauterine transmission of ventolin inhalator, in addition, postnatal transmission during lactation is possible. People have a high susceptibility to brucellosis, after the transfer of infection for 6-9 months, immunity is maintained. Re-infection with Brucella occurs in 2-7% of cases.

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At the same time, the general intoxication syndrome (fever and intoxication) is usually expressed moderately, the temperature rarely exceeds subfebrile values. The intervals between exacerbations of the disease can last 1-2 months. In the case of the formation of a new infectious focus inside the body, the general condition worsens. The symptomatology of used Ventolin brucellosis depends on the predominant lesion of one or another functional system by the pathogen and the severity of the allergic component.

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For men, damage to the testicles and their appendages is characteristic, in women, menstrual disorders, endometritis are possible. Brucellosis during pregnancy can contribute to its premature termination.